What are some of the responses to Mark Van Stone’s speaking engagements?

“On behalf of the National Institute of Culture and History let me again express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for taking the time to come and assist us with the launch of Belize’s 2012 initiative. The full-house attendance and enthusiastic responses of the Belizean public was testimony of their interest and particularly of their satisfaction to the fantastic lectures you presented. You did an incredible job at discussing this complex topic to the general public and it was certainly wonderful to have you here.”
– Jaime J. Awe Ph.D.
Director, Institute of Archaeology
Archaeology Museum & Research Centre
Culvert Road
Belmopan City, Belize C.A.

What are the Experts saying about Mark Van Stone and his latest book 2012 Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya?

“This book should lay to rest wild speculations about the supposed fate of our planet as one Maya great cycle comes to an end and another begins. Van Stone brings to this subject the skills of a true renaissance man — not only an authority on the incredibly complex Maya calendar and writing system, but a master calligrapher and accomplished artist as well. This is true scholarship that goes beyond false prophecies, crystal skulls, galactic alignments, and all the other mountains of hype about the 2012 phenomenon. Beautifully illustrated and full of insights about this great and ancient civilization, this book will be of deep interest to all lovers of archaeology, both amateur and professional.”

-Michael D. Coe, Professor emeritus, Yale University

“A thoroughly engaging volume … a treasure (to) be enjoyed on many levels.  Mayan glyphic writing is laid out for the reader in a beautiful graphic way. … (to explain) surviving glyphic texts …(which) show that the Maya were interested in a new reckoning of time and not a fiery end to our planet.”

— Gillett G. Griffin, Curator Emeritus, Precolumbian Collection, Princeton University Museum

“If one has a serious interest in the 2012 phenomenon as a layperson or a scholar, there is only one choice for a comprehensive, balanced look at all the evidence: Mark Van Stone’s book.  I chose it as a primary text for my honors archaeoastronomy course at the University of Maryland.”

— Prof. John Carlson, Director, Center for Archaeoastronomy

“…readable, funny, intelligent … simple enough for terrified high-schoolers who worry that they won’t grow up, as well as the serious scholar.”

– Joel Skidmore, Director of Mesoweb.com and Precolumbian Art Research Institute Newsletter

“..a colorful resume of 2012 evidence in the inscriptions.”

– Anthony Aveni, The End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012

“Van Stone, Mark. 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya (San Diego: Tlacaélel Press, 2010). This book, available directly from the author at (www.markvanstone.com) is also a science-based skeptic’s guide to the subject, written by a respected Mayanist, epigrapher, and professional art historian. This remarkable book is overflowing with color illustrations, glyph descriptions, date breakdowns, and a very thorough investigation of the various 2012 theories. ”

-Joshua Berman, Writer/Editor,  Author of the Mundo Maya Blog on the Moon Travel Guides

“December 21, 2012, which corresponds to 4 Ajaw 3 K’ank’in of the Maya Long Count calendar, will mark 1,872,000 k’ins (days) –about 5,125 years –from a mythical date of Creation. Because a Creation date of (a day that correlates with a Gregorian date in 3114 B.C.E.) was also recorded retroactively by the ancient Maya, a bewildering number of authors – both academic and otherwise popular – have interpreted the upcoming date as the end of a “Great Cycle.” The existence of this cycle has in turn been claimed to reflect Maya prophecies of everything from global catastrophe to spiritual awakening. Did the ancient Maya understand something we don’t about cyclical events in the universe?” read more

The End of Time: The Maya Mystery of 2012 and 2012: Science and Prophecy of the Ancient Maya
–reviewed by John W. Hoopes at Academia.edu

What are Readers saying about Mark Van Stone and his latest book 2012 Science & Prophecy of the Ancient Maya?

“So far this book is a phenomenal window into the maya world (factoid: the word ‘maya’ is used for everything accept languages, where the word ‘mayan’ is used – i.e. mayan languages are spoken by the maya people.). the author wanted to try and offer a more accurate view of the maya and what they thought about 2012 (or using their calendar ). from their creation myth, to the gloating of the great king, pakal (a requirement for any powerful ruler), this book offers a master class into all we know about the maya and their conception of the beginning – and end – of creation.  read more

– Jesse’s review on GoodReads
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
November 13, 2011


“kirkesque: Emily wrote: “Do you think the end is coming?”

Some day. But do I think the Maya made predictions towards that end…? Absolutely not.

I’ve been asked to turn a classroom presentation on the Maya calendar into a video to be archived in the PAR department for future classes. The gist of it is that with so many incredible and factual achievements in art, math, astronomy, and architecture, to focus on a co-opted made-up prophecy of apocalyptic doom, is an act of cultural eradication on a part of the modern Western world toward a “primitive” ancient peoples. 🙂 ”

– kirkesque‘s review on GoodReads
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
April 9, 2012